Walking, Take A Break, Looking at The Sky

Alhamdulilah, finally i be at home with my sweet family again..being together such as a good time..

i'm still in jetlagged but its ok for me to handle it eventhough it take for one or two day for me to recover back my jetlagged.

Happy being at home..Now, i already plan where i want to go. Maybe i walk around at my area and town with my sister in law..looking for something or looking for other things..heeh..or maybe i just stay at home doing something like eat, surfing internet, sleep and etc ..whatever i like to do..

oh,.On Saturday my families have a programme at Leeds, maybe i will join them..its about Islamic Medical Treatment..sounds good ya..yah, its a quit good programme actually..alhamdulilah, i already complete the slide show for the presenter to present his module on Saturday, Insha'Allah,,.

I like this area..there's so many muslims people from other race and background such as Pakistani, Bengali, and Malay..But the Malays here only a little compare to the other race like Pakistani and Bengali because the Malays only stay here for 3, 4 or 5 years to further their study..after they finish their study they will go back to their country..it different like a muslims people from Pakistani and Bengali,.they already stay here for a long time ago..easy to says this is their places to stay and raise their child here..

When ask me,..i just say live here is a good and nice experience that i can gain ..start from their people, culture, country and ect..

yah...and now i got the idea where i want to go..Here someplaces in Darnall..ahhaa...or maybe in Sheff..or everywhere that i think i should go...

Look at the sky and the sun here,.the whether is quit ok to walking outside ..just feel a bit cold like a fridge..huhuhu....where is my coat and gloves..waaah

A nice day to walk and see the environtment..Alhamdulilah.. ;)

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