Fasting on Monday and Thursday

Tomorrow its Monday, and its the sunnah of our Beloved Prophet that he use to keep fast on Mondays.

So follow the sunnah and there is a saying that who ever follows my 1 sunnah he will be rewarded as much as 100 ppl who died in battle..Narrated by Hazrat Abo Qatada(RZ) that we asked Rasool Allah(SAW) about fasting on Mondays and he replied " This is the day when i was born and I received revelations."

[Sahi Muslim, Book of fasts, no 1162][Sunan Nasai, no 2777][Masnad Imam Hambal, no 22594]Narrated by Hazrat Abo Huraira(RZ) that Rasool Allah(SAW) Said " Our deeds are presented to Allah all mighty on Mondays and i want that when my deeds are presented to Allah, i will be fasting."[Sunan e Tarmazi, Qitab Al Soum, num 747][Masnaf Abdur Razzak, num 7017]..

(spreading good words is a Sadka)JazakAllah

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