From the first chapter, i already describes about what is CIA and it functions. Now, i will go through to the second chapter which is more about Colonialism in the Muslim world. From my view, the Europeans were likes lions, wolves and bears, waiting for the change to devour their victim, kept from gorgoing themselves only by fear that while they were eating one of the other animals would in turn gorge on them. Keep on reading in this chapter for more information.....

Chapter 2
Colonialism is such a despicable, shameful, degrading and miserable word we can find in the dictionary.

England was the first European colonizer to see the long term potential of the oasis in the Arab desert which we know as oil. England not only became one in international trade but also getting wealthier and powerful because of her colonies that provided her sustenance. Big buildings such as castles of ancient designs if you happen to visit the United Kingdom were built by colonial people who were under servitude of the British Empire.

Prior to the discovery of oil in the Arab world, European powers were not interested in the Arab region. The only reason why Britain was interested in Egypt was because of the Suez Canal built by French engineers opened in 1869. India became a British colony after Portugal, and she became top producer of its raw material requipment and a market for her finished products.

The Ottoman Empire was one of the largest political structures that the western part of the world had ever known since the Roman disintegreted. It ruled estern Europe, western Asia and most of the Maghrib, and held togethers lands with very different political traditions, many ethnic groups such as Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Romanians, Armenians, Turks and Arabs, Christians of all the historic Churches, and Jews. The Ottoman Empire was faced by challenges, internally and externally.

The European colonisers not only had defeated the Arabs due to military superiority but it was attributed also to their mastery of the art of lies and deception. This where the Arab leaders became easy preys to collaboration with enemies of the Ottoman Empire, even knowing that such act was self-inflicting and fatal to the downfall of the Empire.

The missionaries who built schools in the Ottoman territories taught the Muslims and Christians alike to rebel against the Empire, and they succeeded inciting nationalist chauvinism and destroying the Islamic State. This worked in Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and others, and this tool was also adopted in Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Cairo and Jeddah. Here you can see that the design to destroy the Khilafah Ottoman State was well-planned and was designed to work on a long term basis which would yield far reaching results.

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for more information can follow this references :
  • The West's Weapon of Mass Destruction and Colonialist Foreign Policy: The Assessment of the Muslim Community in Britain, Khilafah Publications, 2002.

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