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P/S : My research on Conspiracy in the Muslim world. Good to read and understanding how The Europe try to blame our religion Islam as a terrorist in their world. So many questions that will be answered in this article. The resource is from The book US-BRITISH, Neo Colonial in the Muslim World by A.R.I Cayongcat.

Chapter 1
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

"The Agency spies on every country in the world except Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. The CIA undertakes covert action to influence or overthrow foreign governments or political parties. The Agency trains its officers to break the laws of other countries." - Ronald Kessler (Author of the Inside The CIA)

Paramilitary Operations
These covert activities are costly and controversial type. The operations include assassination of "hostile" foreign leaders, hostage rescue missions, pre-emptive attack against terrorist attacks, support military units for US ground troops in undeclared wars, and many other conflict situations.

Political Influence Operations
The purposes of the operation was to manipulate foreign political parties, organisations, and leaders.

Propaganda and Disinformation Campaigns
These operations were intended to influence the foreign media and general public opinion. As part of the activities, the CIA planted newspaper editorials. It happened in Angola and Nicaragua for the people to hate their governments and when public opinion got intense, the CIA went for the kill.

Economic Warfare Operations
Foreign labour unions were financially supported by the CIA to organise protest-demonstrations or sabotage campaign to bring dowm foreign economies and business.

Training and Support for Foreign Military and Domestic Security Forces
Foreign policy and paramilitary forces were provided exhaustive training and supplied equipments to quell anti-governments protests and demonstrations.

Maintaining the Convert "Infrastructure"
CIA maintains substantials secret infrastructure in support to its wide range of operations. For examples, the CIA maintains a number of air bases and airlines, Swiss bank accounts, and front organisations.

Terrorising Democracy: US Style
American leaders, past and present, had been saying, over and over again. that America is the sanctuary or centre of democracy. It says that democracy is government of the people, for the people and by the people, yet what we see of America is amazingly different of what it preaches.

to be continue....

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