Melayu UK - Summer Camp 09

Our Perhimpunan Keluarga (aka camping) this year will be held at Ashworth Valley Campsite. The annual Perhimpunan Keluarga is a key factor in bonding the friendship amongst our members. As in the past, we are proud to inform that this year's Perhimpunan Keluarga will be also attended by many non-Malays. This proves that the resident Malay community is not an isolated community but is increasingly playing a bigger role in the British community. Read more at

If anyone interested to join feel free to contact me at Due date before July, 20th.

2 Responses
  1. achik munirah Says:

    nk itut.nk hanyalah di dlm mimpi..ku di kejauhan...huk3!!sob3!!


  2. huhuuu...jom la cik join..walaupun ko berjauhan tp dekat di hati..cewahh...ehehhee ;P