'Free Palestine' T-shirts . Show your support!

Assalaamu Alaykum WarahmutAllah,

In response to the escalating crisis in Gaza – the death toll nearing 1,000, over 4,500 injured and as Israeli forces continue to inflict horrific suffering on the Palestinian people, IslamicGear has produced these ‘Free Palestine’ T-shirts.

The T-shirts have been produced exclusively in support of the thousands of terrified civilians killed and suffering in Gaza. They are being worn by people around the world who want to see an end to the deadly Israeli aggression. Show your support by wearing this T-shirt.

These T-shirts are white 5.3 oz 100% heavy cotton - same material that is used by IslamicGear for its products and are sold for only $20 each. Bulk discounts also available.

Furthermore, fifty percent of all proceeds will go to Islamic Relief’s Palestine Humanitarian Crisis.

May Allah protect the Muslims who are suffering in Palestine. Ameen
May Allah make the Muslims dying in Palestine amongst the Shuhadaa. Ameen
May Allah accept our dua'a and help that we are trying to give to the Muslims in Palestine. Ameen

Please direct any questions, comments, or requests to 630-890-9016 or e-mail us at help@Islamic-Gear.com.

Jazakum Allahu Khair.

WasSalaamu Alaykum WarahmutAllah

The IslamicGear Team

~.~.~.~May Allah bless us, protect us, and keep us on the straight path. Ameen~.~.~.~

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